R12 Middle School exists to CONNECT students to Christ and other Christ followers, create an atmosphere where students are challenged to GROW in their relationship with Christ, and equip and challenge them to SERVE others.

R12 Middle School is dedicated to helping students live transformed lives, empowering them to go against the grain of today's culture. Our focus is to offer students valuable, practical biblical teachings that they can apply to their lives. Our middle schoolers are important to us. They are in a critical, transitional time in their life. Not quite a child, but not yet an adult, The First Church desires to give them a place to belong. Our services are centered on the student’s social wellbeing. We offer three different worship experiences for middle schoolers. We have services on Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:45, and another on Wednesday nights at 7:00.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens on a typical Sunday?

Our middle schoolers are welcomed into a lounge environment. Once service begins, our students enjoy a live band. All of our youth bands are led by our high school and college students. After worship, we typically have interactive ice breaker games. These games are tailored to the overall theme of the message. Following the icebreaker, Pastor Matt delivers a brief message.  In closing, the students break into small groups, where students learn to apply the message to their specific situation. The entire service is dedicated to helping students take ownership of their faith.

What sort of events occurs during the year?

Our middle schoolers are an active part of the R12 Youth Group. Our youth group travels to several IPHC youth events every year, such as Youth Quest, Accelerant, and Acquire the Fire. Additionally, our middle schoolers are invited to join our traveling ministry team and are also eligible to join the R12 Band, Drama Team, and Bible Quest Team.