Mission: M25

Contact Gary Whaley, M25 Director, 919-734-2674

The purpose of M25 is to network those who reach out to others through supporting our veterans, feeding the homeless, reaching veterans, and visiting those in the hospital and jail. We also have a Prayer Shawl Ministry that knits and crochets shawls that are delivered to to those who are sick. We want to "care for the least of these" as Jesus told us to do in Matthew 25.

If you have a heart to reach those who are helpless, hopeless, and hurting, we invite you to make a connection in Mission: M25.

Mission: M25 Ministry Focuses

  • Bikers
  • Children
  • Military / Veteran
  • Homeless
  • Incarcerated / Aftercare
  • Recovery

General Mission Statement

  • To identify, network, train and celebrate leaders to reach those ‘at risk” in our community.
  • To raise an army of Warriors for Christ, using the Knight motif, having 318 trained warriors of service to their King. This army will be trained to reach the overlooked and ignored in the community.
  • To raise up a spirit like John the Baptist in our churches, sacrificing so others will become greater as we become less.
  • To focus on the ministry of service outside where the people are, not performance inside where the saints reside.

Mission:M25 has a bi-annual National Summit on odd years in Amarillo, Texas, in conjunction with Biker Sunday and a Toys for Tots event. Classes are taught on various ministries. This is free for all who attend.

Mission:M25 represents the IPHC on an annual motorcycle ride from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., ending on Memorial Day to remember the POW/MIA of all wars. We serve as chaplains, and drive the hydration and chase vehicles.